Grow-Pot Bags

8590013PP_148_tomato-grow-bag-kit-with-handles-and-cage GROW BAGS – The Kohinoor Tarpaulin Industries

      We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Grow Pot Bags & Grow Bags made of HDPE from 150GSM to 450GSM and PVC fabric 500GSM to 1500GSM available in different colors and sizes. At Top of bag a rope is inserted to increase the strength of bag while handling. Mainly used in terrace gardening, offices, homes, green houses as they are light in weight to handle and unbreakable, reusable. The above bags are mfg in various sizes as below -:

  • Grow Pot Bags -: Length – 12”/15”/18”/24” x Width – 12”/15”/18”/24” x Height -10”/12”/15”/18”/24”
  • Grow bags -: 2’x1’x1’ , 3’x1’x1’ , 4’x4’x1’ , 6’x4’x1’ , 10’x4’x1’ , etc

We also can mfg customize sizes as per customer needs.